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Jan. 1st, 2026

yo. ‘sup?
welcome to the lj of jaysta. if you don’t mind my asking, why not stop by and tell me how you got here? i’d appreciate it, even if you’re not sticking around. i promise not to bite unless you ask me too.
friending policy
here recently, i've decided that it's time to go friends only.  my friending policy is pretty lax, though. if you‘d like me to add you, just leave a comment with some stuff we’ve got in common and i'll probably do it. fair warning: i've been known to update this journal three or four times a day to posting nothing for a week or more.  be prepared. =]
hockey filter
as of september ’09, all of my hockey posts have been filtered because i have a habit of flooding my flist with stuff and about half my friends aren’t in the hockey world. if you want in on the hockey filter, either let me know when you ask to be added or let me know at the green link below and i’ll be sure to let you join the party.
sadly, the hockey filter really isn't necessary anymore, as of like, 2011.  but if you want me to add you to it so you can scroll back for shits and giggles, i'll totally do it.

Sep. 27th, 2010

As of this writing, this is the last public post on this journal.  From now on, everything in the future and all past entries are going to be f-locked.

I've had an incident happen and it has made me come to the decision that going Friends Only is what's best for this journal.

If there is anyone here reading publicly, I'm sorry.  Leave me a comment in the intro post and I'll probably add you.


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