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Greatness from small beginnings

3 June 1988
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about the girl
jaysta + 27 + happily married + mtsu graduate with a degree in psychology and minors in lifespan development and sociology + southern born and raised + knitter and crocheter + talented + lover, fighter, daydreamer + a.d.d. + spontaneous + kickin' ass and takin' names + creative + intelligent

achievement hunter/rooster teeth. supernatural: dean + sam + castiel. the vampire diaries: damon + jeremy + anna. white collar: neal + diana. power rangers: adam + hunter. ted dekker: thr3e, the circle, obsessed, blink, the bride collector mysterious ways: declan. leverage: eliot. once upon a time: hook. orphan black: cosima. the originals: haley + devina. izombie: major. arrow: oliver + felicity. pretty little liars: aria. teen wolf: allison + stiles + lydia. forever: henry + abe. scorpion. the librarians. the strain. how to get away with murder. the following

friends only
yes, my journal is friends only but don't let that scare you. want to be friends? comment on the first post and as long as we have anything in common, you're in. it's like an exclusive club that's not really exclusive at all. it's mainly locked because i had issues with people from my past that i didn't want finding this little corner of the internet. better safe than sorry. but seriously, i'm pretty chill with the friending. welcome to the chaos. (that's cliched and like, 8th grade, isn't it? oh well i'm leaving it.)

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